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The young ministry had its inaugural Sunday morning service on the 1st of February, 1987 in his living room, then in the Ikeja area of Lagos state. As membership of the young but peculiar church grew into the hundreds and thousands, the surrounding grounds of his house became sitting area for the overspill from the living room. The ministry of the church and the person of Reverend Chris Okotie as a minister of the gospel became nationally recognized when the Lord Jesus Christ inspired the inauguration of the GRACE PROGRAMME and the television ministry, APOKALUPSIS. .The charity driven GRACE programme was instituted in 1990 and has become a major benevolence channel of the ministry on an annual basis. The objective of the programme as directed by the Lord Jesus is to extend the arm of care and sharing to the less privileged in the society through recognized non governmental organizations who deal directly with such people. In 1996 the KARIS AWARD, yet another inspiration by the Lord Jesus, which is aimed at appreciating Nigerians who have positively impacted the nation but have not been recognized by the government, was instituted and subsumed into theeGRACE programme.


Our Theme for the Month of October

A Righteous Nation


Righteousness exalts a nation: but sin is a reproach to any people. 


Piety, justice, honesty, equity and liberty in a nation always promote industry, sobriety and also inputs honour on the nation. Good governance, impartial equity between man and man, freedom of movement and faith, respect for human life and dignity, the general practice and profession of virtue, security of lives and property and charity - all exalt a nation. They uphold the government, elevate the people's minds, and qualify a nation for the favour of God.


Vice, injustice, impunity, corruption reigning in a nation, puts disgrace upon it. Sin is a reproach in any nation and it renders her despicable among other nations.  It is therefore the interest and duty of those in leadership to use their power for the suppression of vice and support of virtue. 


Fifty-four years after independence the Nigerian people still await a nation that is righteous and one that will take care of their aspirations. A nation where there is equality, justice and  freedom. But alas what we have is a divided country filled with injustice, inequality, impunity, corruption, nepotism, insecurity and anarchy. A country where there is so much distrust and a clear disconnect between leadership and the people.


Welcome to the Month of October

"The simplicity of the gospel has been the greatest impediment to the cerebral and elevated intelligentsia. We must unlearn this propensity that the power of God may be manifested. The bible is replete with Hebrew colloquialisms. The gospel must be in tandem with cultural sensibilities. I must decrease. He must increase".

Image 2 THE LAST OUTCAST by Chris Okotie Who is the Last Outcast?
What is the mystery of iniquity?
Who is the antichrist?
What is the religion of the antichrist?
How will the antichrist enter our world? Find out in THE LAST OUTCAST

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Wednessday: 6pm

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